Open plan living spaces can improve your quality of life. The way we live our lives today is no longer reflected in the layout of our houses.

Our Designers can work with you to re-design the layout of your house to reflect the way YOU use it.

Kitchen / Diners
Kitchen / Diners are now more common that the traditional separate kitchen and formal dining room. Often the most cost effective way of achieving this is to knock down the partition wall between the kitchen and the dining room. Our Designers can advise you of any structural implications and put together all the drawings and structural calculations and handle the Building Control submission for you.

Bring together the inside and outside
Enlarging an opening and installing sliding doors is one of the most popular alterations that we encounter. By installing sliding doors you can begin to merge the inside and outside and dramatically increase the amount of natural light. This is further enhanced by carrying through the same floor level and flooring from the inside to out.

Our Designers have vast knowledge and experience so can advise on the best way to achieve this goal.

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 The 5 step process
A Structural Engineer is required to calculate the sizes of steel beams / lintels etc. Most projects require the services of a Structural Engineer
SAP (Standard Assessment Procedure) calcs are sometimes required
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